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Child Development and Discipline - How to Teach Our Children Both

As parents, we are rightly very concerned with child development. We want our kids to grow up with the skills they need to be happy and successful. One of the key ways that we can ensure our child matures is by teaching them how to be disciplined. The importance of raising kids who know the meaning …

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Structured Guitar Lessons Can Often Help A Student Learn Faster

Learning how to play the guitar can be frustrating for students whether they study online guitar lessons, private lessons or learn at home using guitar instruction books. This is quite common for many guitar players whether they are trying to learn guitar chords or music theory or play guitar songs.

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The Benefits of Educational Music For Kids by Helene Goldnadel

It is interesting to observe how fast children learn when they are young! Research supports our observations that learning experiences must begin in the early years from birth to age five. This is a critical time in a child's musical and cognitive development. The benefits of music and movement in t…

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Kids Singing Lessons - What Parents Need To Know

What Are Kids Singing Lessons?

Kids singing lessons like the one of Helene Goldnadel are a great way for children to express themselves and relieve stress. The earlier that a child starts to learn to sing the more effective the singing lessons generally are as they pick up the cues and prompts mu…

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Best Musical Instruments for Children

We all know that fuelling our child's creativity is important. But encouraging them to put down the TV remote and pick up something like a musical instrument isn't always easy. However, if your little ones do get bitten by the music bug, what are the best instruments for them to pick up and play?

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Teaching Music to Kids - Why Not Have Fun With It?

It's a popular perception of majority of elders, that encouraging kids to learn music is absolute wastage of time. Parents believe that children ought to instead focus on academic learning rather than diverting time and energy towards learning music. Nevertheless, little do parents realize that musi…

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