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Child Development Psychology Explained by Helene Goldnadel

Child development psychology is the study of why and how children change over time. Researchers who study child development issues are called developmental psychologists. In child development psychology there is an attempt to identify and describe a child's behavior and explain why a child develops …

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Importance of Early Years in a Child's Life by Helene Goldnadel

Early years play a key role in brain development of children. They begin to learn about their surroundings at a very early age and their early experiences with their parents deeply affect their physical, cognitive, social and emotional development. Optimizing early years in a child's life is the bes…

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Treatment Options for Child Behavior Problems

Child behavior can be a tricky thing. Parents can tell themselves that defiant or inappropriate behavior is just a phase that their child is going through, but often, it gets worse with time. What can you do about these problems? How can you restore a sense of peace and order to your home without go…

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Child Development and Lifestyle Problems

Why my child is obese? Have I done anything wrong? Is my child concentrating enough? Is it a serious problem?


These are the questions which run in most of the parents' minds. In recent times both of parents are working and they have no other way but to leave their child in a crèche or engag…

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Develop Your Child's Critical Thinking Skills

1) Encourage Questions.

Don't answer every question; instead ask what they think. Asking questions stimulates conversation between you and your child.


2) Don't Criticize.

Criticism invites low self-esteem. Children feel that they have failed or disappointed their parents when they are…

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