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Fathers Influence on Their Child's Development

Fathers bring unique and indispensable qualities. They may not be present with their kids all the time, but just by being involved with their families whenever they have the time, they provide a sense of security, completeness and authority to both the children and the mother. It's a well-known fact…

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Why An Abused Child Aligns With A Parental Alienator?

As adults, when someone treats us poorly, we remove them from our lives, as in the case of divorce. A child cannot divorce their parent the same way that we divorce our spouse.

What happens is that the child develops an insecure attachment to the parent that is abusive toward them. In fact, the i…

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Family Activities to Reverse Child Obesity by Helene Goldnadel

Millions of children today are suffering from obesity in America. This is not an epidemic brought on by a virus or bacteria. There is no vaccine or drug that can cure it. But it is a serious health problem on average costing families thousands of dollars in added medical expenses each year. That doe…

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Effects Of Poor Parental Care On Child Development

Parental intervention and application of moral principles can do much to mitigate these potential effects. One can then consider some of the possible effects a poorly brought up child can face. Research clearly shows that a child who lacks adequate parental instruction stands the risk of recalcitran…

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How to Deal With Negative Child Attitude Issues?

It's important to deal with child attitude problems as soon as they come up, so you can avoid more serious issues later on. Children will misbehave from time to time, especially when they are at an age when they are in the process of discovering themselves and what they are capable of doing. The pro…

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