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Child's Play is A Magical Education

In order to learn, your child needs to play. It has been scientifically proven that advancements in academic skills is directly related to the amount of creative play a child is allowed to do. Your child's memory, language skills, social skills, mechanical skills and problem solving skills are all d…

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Developing A Child's Imagination With Activities That Kids Love

Children should be given the freedom to explore themselves, share their ideas through different play activities. Learning through play can help them explore about themselves, people and world around them. By giving them endless play time; we are giving them the space to explore that helps them find …

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Way by Helene Goldnadel to Develop Your Child's Genius

Every parent wants a child whom they can be very proud of. It pays to be able to raise a child who can contribute a lot to the community. Thus, if you think that you want your child to be a gifted one, then it is best to learn how to develop the child's genius.

There are many parents who will aim…

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Common Developmental Disorders in Children Discussed by Helene Goldnadel

There are different changes in the physical and psychological aspects of the children as they grow older and sometimes common disorders occur during this stage. Disorders cannot be avoided since there are no two children that are the same. There are differences that affect their growth and that as t…

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The Value of Playing in a Child's Development

For those of us who have kids or know children, it certainly seems like toys and the idea of play has changed. Children's entertainment has taken on a much more passive role, when in our day play was all about imagination and creativity. For example, we'd play dress up or various role playing games,…

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Cultivating Good Study Habits in Your Child

Everyone knows that good study habits are essential for academic success, but did you realize that there are many things that you as a parent can do to help foster these skills? Working hard to develop good study habits in your child is something that every parent can do in order to give their child…

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Tips by Helene Goldnadel to Raising a Moral Child

Morality is a code of conduct in which one decides right from wrong. Knowing how to raise a moral child, especially in today's world, isn't always easy. You may want to follow some of these tips to teach your child this important character trait.


Although morality is often defined in terms …

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Developing Good Mental Health in Girls

As parents of young girls, we are in a unique position of influence to help them build the confidence it takes to be the best that they can be. After all, they will not stay in their frilly dresses and dainty hair accessories forever. One day they will be real women in a real world.



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