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Early Childhood Writing Activities by Helene Goldnadel

Many children begin writing or "play writing" well before they can read even the simplest words. Something about making letters and transcribing their own thoughts by putting pen to paper seems to trigger the imagination of the youngest learners. Here are three early childhood writing activities by

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Helene Goldnadel Tips to Get Your Child to Start Reading

If you see your child showing very little interest in reading, do not lose heart. You might have to use a few sneaky tactics, but there it is totally possible to inculcate a love of reading in your child. Here are a few ways by Helene Goldnadel to get your child to read:


1) A great way to g…

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Helene Goldnadel Ideas to Get Your Child Reading

Research has shown that children who begin reading from an early age develop more of an appetite for books and tend to perform better at school. Whilst some kids seem to be natural bookworms, others sometimes need a bit of a prod before sitting down to read, and with such a wide range of titles now …

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Helene Goldnadel on Inculcating Reading Habits in Young Children

What most of us do not realize is that babies as young as zero age like to listen to stories. Babies love to listen to your sound and the way you pronounce the words and give animation to the stories through your actions and voice variations. They also love to look at a book which has bright and big…

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Interesting Findings on the Effect of Reading to Newborns

We all want our children to do well in life. One way to give them a good head start is to read to them even as newborns. Research on reading to newborns shows that not only will this be an activity that will bond you and your baby, it will also create a solid foundation for your child's growth and d…

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Educational Toys to Improve Attention Deficit Disorder

Children with attention deficit disorder often struggle in school because of their short attention spans. Many quickly decide that they are "dumb" or "stupid" when the simple truth is that their condition is causing them to fail in the traditional school setting, which requires children to focus on …

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