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The Value of Sing Along Songs for Kids

Most children love singing, dancing and listening to kids music. These activities bring a huge smile on children's faces. Moreover, as a parent, it brings more fun when you see your kids started to sing along with their favorite songs. Singing is a fun and a great activity for both children and pare…

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Understanding Music Theory and Its Benefits

The gist of music education is that everything will point towards an underlying principal in some way. Therefore, it is possible to apply teaching methods and styles if you want to get one to learn music.

When you talk of music education theory, the main idea is to get people to understand the ba…

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Piano Teachers Resources of Early Childhood Music Education

Are you looking for more innovative and useful resources for piano teachers appropriate to your specific learners? Well, read on and learn how to effectively enhance discussions, disseminate messages and give instructions to these young children.
It is true that teaching music among toddler…

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Arranging Music and Sheet Music

What Should you Know?

Today's successful music arranger is dedicated, musically skillful, and has the ability to work with a variety of personalities that include producers, business executives, and performers.

Having an in-depth knowledge of music theory, counterpoint, and orchestration is es…

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Help Your Child Develop Good Study Habits

In order to continue the habit as long as possible, the habits should be developed in their earliest establish to begin with. It's never too early to introduce your child to positive study habits, which will reward his or her endeavors throughout life. As parents, effective techniques must be studie…

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Great Places for Kids to Experience Art

In recent years society has placed a great deal of focus on the value of art and art education. Parents who want to expose their children to art related activities can use this trend to their advantage. The number of places that offer artistic performances and exhibits are growing each year. Communi…

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Fitness, Memory, Music and Movement - Essential Educational Elements for Children

Research has shown that music can enhance memory, not only in children but for humans of all ages. Music and movement can also be used to teach children to remain healthy and active. This makes early childhood music classes important for childhood fitness, memory and a variety of other learning deve…

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Helene Goldnadel Discusses the Criteria to Consider to Learn Music

Private stringed instrument lessons will total very costly. Fortuitously, with the progress in technological innovations, personal tuition is not any longer the sole choice to learn an instrument. There are presently a variety of stringed instrument lessons online that are even as sensible, if not h…

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Introduction to Electric Guitars by Helene Goldnadel

The electric guitar has become one of the most popular instruments, as well as one of the most versatile instruments in modern music, since it was first developed in the 1930s. It is little wonder so many people want to learn electric guitar; it's such an exciting and expressive instrument, and is s…

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The Influence of Books on Children's Music Education

Using the well-known fact that music education raises a child's IQ by up to 40 percent, we can now consider how books and reading in general can help our "musical" children.


Presently, mankind, having achieved enormous strides in the field of technology, continues to invent new means of rec…

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Interactive Music Class Puts Young Learners on the Fast Track to Communication

Do you think one-year-olds are too young to benefit from an interactive music class? Think again!

Science Daily reported that in a May 2012 study at McMaster Institute for Music and the Mind, researchers found that early interactive music class with a parent can help infants develop more sophisti…

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Child Development and Discipline - How to Teach Our Children Both

As parents, we are rightly very concerned with child development. We want our kids to grow up with the skills they need to be happy and successful. One of the key ways that we can ensure our child matures is by teaching them how to be disciplined. The importance of raising kids who know the meaning …

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Structured Guitar Lessons Can Often Help A Student Learn Faster

Learning how to play the guitar can be frustrating for students whether they study online guitar lessons, private lessons or learn at home using guitar instruction books. This is quite common for many guitar players whether they are trying to learn guitar chords or music theory or play guitar songs.

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The Benefits of Educational Music For Kids by Helene Goldnadel

It is interesting to observe how fast children learn when they are young! Research supports our observations that learning experiences must begin in the early years from birth to age five. This is a critical time in a child's musical and cognitive development. The benefits of music and movement in t…

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Kids Singing Lessons - What Parents Need To Know

What Are Kids Singing Lessons?

Kids singing lessons like the one of Helene Goldnadel are a great way for children to express themselves and relieve stress. The earlier that a child starts to learn to sing the more effective the singing lessons generally are as they pick up the cues and prompts mu…

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Best Musical Instruments for Children

We all know that fuelling our child's creativity is important. But encouraging them to put down the TV remote and pick up something like a musical instrument isn't always easy. However, if your little ones do get bitten by the music bug, what are the best instruments for them to pick up and play?

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Teaching Music to Kids - Why Not Have Fun With It?

It's a popular perception of majority of elders, that encouraging kids to learn music is absolute wastage of time. Parents believe that children ought to instead focus on academic learning rather than diverting time and energy towards learning music. Nevertheless, little do parents realize that musi…

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Find Your Comfort Level While Singing

Just as you need to take all kinds of training, including vocal training, seriously - it is equally important that you should be comfortable while undergoing training. Any kind of tension is disastrous for quality output when singing. A really savvy vocal coach like Helene Goldnadel would underscore…

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Learning to Keep Time in Music by Helene Goldnadel

The beat, also known as pulse, of the music acts as a reference point for all rhythms occurring in the music. Every rhythm is felt in relation to the beat. Therefore, your rhythmic skills will be based on the ability to maintain a steady beat. Being a musician, you get a fair amount of skill, in ter…

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Helene Goldnadel says "It's all in the Voice"

Maybe one of the most common occurrences that happen in a public speaking situation is to see someone in the audience go to sleep on you. When you are the one going to sleep, you just hope the speaker doesn’t notice. But when you are the speaker, you know that you do notice and you wonder what you a…

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