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When Your Child Needs Extra Academic Help?

With the second half of the school year quickly approaching, your child may be filled with excitement. They may talk about upcoming projects and discuss the things that they are learning. These children cannot wait to go back to school each day.
However, some children are filled with trepid…

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Helene Goldnadel on Helping Your Child Become A Reader

Evidence is plentiful throughout the years that when parents and families actively support and encourage their children, the children are far more likely to succeed educationally. When you as a parent or family member are actively involved in a child's learning process, you give them a significant a…

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Helene Goldnadel Advice For Parents for Child Misbehavior

The Correct Approach For Child Misbehavior

Child misbehavior is a huge problem for many parents, and it's a problem that ignores social, financial, and class status to inflict misery on even the most devoted moms and dads. You can be the most loving and caring parent in the world but chances are …

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Positive Impact Professional Development Has on The Classroom

According to Helene Goldnadel, professional development is something that every teacher must do within their career. Many times the programs are held as an in-service day workshop so they are not taken seriously; however, it is important for teachers to embrace these programs. Numerous research stud…

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Helene Goldnadel on Building a Child's Character

Sooner or later, if we choose not to be single for life, we will become parents- mothers or fathers. When we already have a child, our responsibility in the family broadens. That means, an added responsibility is placed on our shoulders and there is no way we can skip or pass it to others. Parenting…

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Symptoms of Dyslexia in Children

Is your child struggling to read? If your child isn't keeping up with his classmates in terms of reading or writing then he may have some kind of learning difficulty.
Could he be dyslexic? There's a chance that he is if he's displaying any of the following symptoms of dyslexia in children.

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Techniques by Helene Goldnadel for Your Child for Learning and Remembering

How well children do in school is determined not only by intelligence, but also by the methods or strategies that they use to master all the facts, ideas and concepts they must learn. Here are five simple techniques discussed by Helene Goldnadel a life coach.

Children need strategies to do well i…

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Helene Goldnadel on Child Learning Styles

Many homeschool parents ultimately end up designing their own homeschool curriculum for their child. Tailoring the learning process to match the child's learning style. For those who have worked through this process somewhere along the way came to the realization that when it comes to homeschooling …

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Creative Ways by Helene Goldnadel to Supplement Your Child's Music Class


You have signed your little one up for a music class, and they love attending. For that hour or half hour each week, your little one is free to dance, bang drums, squeal, and sing. They laugh, coo, stick out their slobbery tongue, and do many other adorable things that you do not get to see ever…

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What To Consider When We Explore Talent?

When exploring musical talent there are many aspects that one might consider. For the purposes of clarity on this let us consider for example a guitarist who has a tremendous amount of virtuosity and speed in his or her playing. The untrained audience's initial perception would be that the talent of…

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Factors Contributing to Child Development Discussed by Helene Goldnadel

Child development is based on genetic and environmental factors, beginning from birth to adulthood. Age is listed in stages chronologically and certain milestones are addressed with each stage, such as infancy (0 to 1 month) focuses on sensory perception and the beginning of facial recognition.


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Most Effective Way to Gain Vocal Control

Vocal control is one of the basic skills required for excellent singing. Whether you want to win competitions or convert your natural talent into your livelihood, getting appropriate training is essential. You need great instructor like Helene Goldnadel who will teach you to use your voice efficient…

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Vocal Challenges in Children Discussed by Helene Goldnadel

Children's voices are, or should be, instruments of natural expression. Helene Goldnadel a music teacher believes that most small children don't need formal vocal lessons, unless there is a vocal challenge present that keeps them from singing what they want or need to sing. A child's vocal issues us…

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The Value of Sing Along Songs for Kids

Most children love singing, dancing and listening to kids music. These activities bring a huge smile on children's faces. Moreover, as a parent, it brings more fun when you see your kids started to sing along with their favorite songs. Singing is a fun and a great activity for both children and pare…

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Understanding Music Theory and Its Benefits

The gist of music education is that everything will point towards an underlying principal in some way. Therefore, it is possible to apply teaching methods and styles if you want to get one to learn music.

When you talk of music education theory, the main idea is to get people to understand the ba…

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Piano Teachers Resources of Early Childhood Music Education

Are you looking for more innovative and useful resources for piano teachers appropriate to your specific learners? Well, read on and learn how to effectively enhance discussions, disseminate messages and give instructions to these young children.
It is true that teaching music among toddler…

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Arranging Music and Sheet Music

What Should you Know?

Today's successful music arranger is dedicated, musically skillful, and has the ability to work with a variety of personalities that include producers, business executives, and performers.

Having an in-depth knowledge of music theory, counterpoint, and orchestration is es…

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Help Your Child Develop Good Study Habits

In order to continue the habit as long as possible, the habits should be developed in their earliest establish to begin with. It's never too early to introduce your child to positive study habits, which will reward his or her endeavors throughout life. As parents, effective techniques must be studie…

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Great Places for Kids to Experience Art

In recent years society has placed a great deal of focus on the value of art and art education. Parents who want to expose their children to art related activities can use this trend to their advantage. The number of places that offer artistic performances and exhibits are growing each year. Communi…

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Fitness, Memory, Music and Movement - Essential Educational Elements for Children

Research has shown that music can enhance memory, not only in children but for humans of all ages. Music and movement can also be used to teach children to remain healthy and active. This makes early childhood music classes important for childhood fitness, memory and a variety of other learning deve…

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