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Child Development and Discipline - How to Teach Our Children Both

As parents, we are rightly very concerned with child development. We want our kids to grow up with the skills they need to be happy and successful. One of the key ways that we can ensure our child matures is by teaching them how to be disciplined. The importance of raising kids who know the meaning of commitment and self-discipline is often overlooked. Yet these traits are so key to your child's happiness, fulfillment and success in life.


When successful people are studied, invariably their ability to follow through on their commitments to themselves and others is shown to be a key part of their success. Many adults struggle with attaining their goals, or even give up altogether because they don't have the discipline to follow through on their own desires. That is such a shame because without follow-through, even the best ideas or plans will be useless.


Kids activities offer a powerful opportunity to teach a child about self-discipline and perseverance. Its common for kid who has not always appreciated having parents who believe in the value of self-discipline. For example when he started swim club, he has days where he is tired or just don't want to go. At the time he had many tears over having to follow through and go, despite his feelings. Yet now he can see the benefits of having the discipline to go unless he is sick or has an unavoidable conflict.


Of course, be gentle with yourself and with your child as you learn to be more committed. If you cave and let your kids stay home because you are too tired, let it go. Recommit to attending consistently and enjoy the free time. We aren't machines, and we will make mistakes. However it is a slippery slope if we allow ourselves or our kids to make decisions based on our feelings at the time. If our feelings rule, we are likely to have short-term pleasure at the expense of the success, fulfillment and happiness that we crave.


Discipline truly is a gift that will keep on giving. If you teach your child to take commitment seriously, he or she will have the backbone of character already in place. Other virtues such as honesty and empathy can be built upon this backbone. However without discipline, the other virtues may not be as fully utilized, and will not be able to help your child attain the goals that he or she has for life.


We all want our kids to have the character traits that are required to succeed. In our modern world it is so easy for parents to get confused about the fact that facing some discomfort and even pain is necessary for good child development. If we choose the easy life for ourselves and our kids, we are inadvertently choosing a life of less character, less discipline and less happiness. That isn't what any of us want for our kids. Is it?


Helene Goldnadel is a life coach, a singing teacher and a recording artist. Helene and her staff is working with children on their personal development. She provides lessons on various activities ranging from acting, singing, dancing to life coaching and personal development.

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