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Child Development and Lifestyle Problems

Why my child is obese? Have I done anything wrong? Is my child concentrating enough? Is it a serious problem?


These are the questions which run in most of the parents' minds. In recent times both of parents are working and they have no other way but to leave their child in a crèche or engage a baby sitter. In this age of money inflation necessity becomes a big clause and which tend us to work more and earn more. But to bring moral values and bonding we go in for a child. But who is making this inflation? Who is spending more to be lazy? Who is making their work easy and in-turn making the child obese?


Till 3 months after child birth every mother gives utmost attention to the child and the child is healthy. After the 3rd month comes the problem of imbalances. When the child starts weaning many of us give heavy fatty foods like cheese and bread and other stuffy food which makes the child very sluggish and vexed. That is when the child gets into a psychological disorder. The child is pushed into a condition where its curiosity and brain working power is decreased and the imagining capacity is brought down. But the mother is at a momentary pleasure that the child is sleeping and she can carry on her routine without hindrance. She hardly gets time to give physical activity to the kid. She hardly holds a bat or a ball with the kid. Most of the mothers forget to feed the baby milk and vegetables which keep the brain of the kid active and they depend on the readymade formulas which cause tastelessness of the tongue and reduce the digestion capacity. Hardly have they prepared a shake with fresh fruits and milk, a strawberry shake or a mango smoothie. They have no time to cut vegetables and make a stew and feed the kid and instead they depend on the companies to give them ready-made foods and convenient foods. They in-turn make them lazy and spoil the kids appetite. Why did our grandparents feed us natural food? They were benefited and they spent less and they had lots of time in spending with the kid and physical activity was good. Lifestyle is the main reason which makes complications in the life.


Go in for a steamer than buy a ready-made baby food. Give her a natural shake may be with dry fruits than go in for these formulas. Make porridge at home than getting a ready-made one. Check the internet for recipes.


Helene Goldnadel suggests spending time with the kid. Cut commerce. Make them psychologically happy. Give them company. Don't make a baby bed and make them sleep with you so that they find the love and bondage. Give them a nice massage and a bath which strengthen their bondage with you. Make a good pudding at home or a nice cake than feed them a chocolate or a mousse from outside.


Keep them happy and healthy which will make them stay away from obesity


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