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Common Developmental Disorders in Children Discussed by Helene Goldnadel

There are different changes in the physical and psychological aspects of the children as they grow older and sometimes common disorders occur during this stage. Disorders cannot be avoided since there are no two children that are the same. There are differences that affect their growth and that as they grow disorders can be seen in them. Disorders in children include autism, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, learning disabilities, dyspraxia, communication disorders among others are the most common. As parents, especially a mother you should be very much aware of what kind of development is happening to your children and you must be keen to observe everything that they are doing and if they are acting normally.


Developmental disorders identified and are prevalent to school age children. Pervasive disorder can impair the children growth hormones that can affect the development of their communication skills, thinking ability, social skills, and most especially their behavior. Autism is the most known disorder among the pervasive development disorders. Sometimes parents cannot notice immediately that their child has a disorder especially at an early age and they are not talking yet; that why in most cases, it is identified only when they start going to school where their first psychological tests are given. So as a parent you should know every change that happens to your child so that you will know if he is acting weird. Specifically children with developmental disorder are confused of everything that happens around them of they seemed not to care at all. An autistic child prefers to be alone all the time and that he enjoys doing things on his own and he doesn't want to be bothered by anyone around. This kind of disorder is prevalent especially to school age children.


One of the most common is autism, and children who experience this kind of disorder are having problems in interacting with others especially with children at their age. They only focus on what they want and they have interests on limited things. This leads to mental retardation that prevents the growth and development of the child of his age. Another is the Asperger's syndrome, is the same to children with autism because of their difficulty to interact and communicate with others, and have limited range of interests. Children with Aspergers may often have difficulty with concentration as well as coordination. They are average or in above average mental ability. Normally they can also develop in cognition and language.


Another type of disorder is childhood disintegration; a child with this kind of disorder loses most of the skills he has developed throughout his growth. A child may also lose control of other functions which includes bladder control and bowel. Rett Syndrome, children with kind of disorder have problems in their physical growth. The loss of motor skills and movement like using their hands, walking and develops poor muscle coordination. It is due to the defect with the child X chromosome, and most specifically affects young girls.


As the children develops no one can avoid such disorders to occur, so whenever you feel that your child is different from other normal children make sure to give attention to it. If possible go to the doctor to make sure if your child is still normal. All your child needs is a psychological attention and that you should spend more time and attention if you want your child to at least develop and grow normally.

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