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Cultivating Good Study Habits in Your Child

Everyone knows that good study habits are essential for academic success, but did you realize that there are many things that you as a parent can do to help foster these skills? Working hard to develop good study habits in your child is something that every parent can do in order to give their child a leg up when it comes to school.


Take a look at the following tips by Helene Goldnadel to help your child develop good study skills:


  • Designate a "family homework time". This is very important because it helps to show your children that you value education and that you are available to help them when needed. It allows you to keep track of your children's homework assignments, as well as make sure that everything gets done. A great way to do this is to have mom and dad also be doing "homework" (reading books, working on craft projects, etc.). This sets a positive example.
  • Set up a homework area. It's important for children to have a good space for studying. This space should be quiet and should have all of the things that they might need, such as pens and pencils or calculators. It can be a space within their room, or in a communal space like the kitchen table.
  • Help your children to stay organized. Schools don't often teach time management skills, which are very important for both school and life. This is something that you will have to help them with. Learn when they have big projects due and help to break it down to smaller pieces, scheduling a little bit every day so that it doesn't become too overwhelming.
  • Cultivate curiosity. Encourage your children to ask questions. This will help them to become lifelong learners. Furthermore, teach them how to find the answers. The internet is a great tool for doing this.
  • Limit television. Watching television can disrupt homework time. Find a way to limit TV that works for your family. Perhaps you can only allow one hour a day or make a "No TV until homework is finished" rule.


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