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Developing a Hobby - A Creative Investment For Your Child's Future

The concept of nurturing a hobby is fast vanishing now, but its importance has grown even more. A child is born with multiple talents, but he chooses some to carry along for the rest of his life. A hobby comes from an interest within a child to explore, which he likes doing. Of late, academics have totally overshadowed the necessity of hobbies. This, however, blocks many options for a child. Below Helene Goldnadel explores the importance of hobbies to children:


1) If you cultivate a hobby, you always have something to keep you busy when you have nothing to do. It keeps you away from boredom. A hobby acts like your friend. You can depend on it.


2) Many children, later in life, decide to make a career out of their hobby. You see and hear rock bands? They are successful! Children with an interest in music, learn singing, guitar, drums, and later on decide to make a rock band. They are happy and earn good! It keeps them satisfied because they make their hobby their career. They never get bored of it. A child with writing as his hobby may later become a writer and earn good money and fame.


3) When you have a hobby, you have a lot to experiment with it. You can do anything with it, at your will. There is nothing to stop you, and this is how you learn things different from what is taught. A child with a hobby in machines, can make, break, build again, and try new things with it. When you do a job, you don't have the freedom. A hobby, by your side, helps you become more creative with your interest.


A hobby never keeps you out of work. A child, who has constantly developed a hobby, will never be alone; will be fit and mentally active. If your child has not yet developed a hobby, encourage him to develop one. Give him his fair share of happiness! Besides, never ask a child to give up his hobby for the sake of another seemingly beneficial hobby. It is his interest and children like to express through their hobby. Coming to a graver issue of the society, parents have a great way to bond with their child, through his hobby. Gift him an aero plane remote control model if he likes things that fly. Help him come close to his interest. Your child will realize that you care for him. You never know if he decides to become a commercial or an air-force pilot.


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