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Helene Goldnadel on Inculcating Reading Habits in Young Children

What most of us do not realize is that babies as young as zero age like to listen to stories. Babies love to listen to your sound and the way you pronounce the words and give animation to the stories through your actions and voice variations. They also love to look at a book which has bright and big pictures. Below Helene Goldnadel has put together a few points that reveal how spending time reading to your little ones (babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers and young kids) every evening before sending them off to bed could inculcate the reading habit in them.


  • Help your Child Get Ready to Read - In today's nuclear family system with both the parents going out to work, a little planning will help the busy parents to spend a few quality minutes of bedtime reading.
  • Read daily at a the same allotted time - Make it a habit to read to your child(ren) at a specified time every night. For infants and toddlers choose a book that has big, bright pictures. For bit older kids choose a book according to their taste.
  • Start with picture books - If you have an infant, start by sharing picture books without words. You can create your own stories, as time passes you will notice that he/she is showing some amount of interest. This is just the beginning. Remember, that infants and toddlers get distracted very easily. As they grow, you can ask them to make stories for you
  • Read out loudly and give animation to your story - When you are reading out to children make it fun. Read slowly, giving time for the child(ren) to think about the story you are reading to them. Make story telling interesting by mimicking the characters or by using a sing-song voice.
  • Take them to the local library- If your child(ren) see you or your spouse reading, they will show some interest of at least browsing the pages of your magazines. Irrespective of their age take them along with you to the library. As they grow older, you can select a book of their interest from the children's section.
  • Create a reading area - It would be nice to create a reading zone in your home. Maintain a small bookshelf with baby books. You spend reading time here with the kid(s) and after the session is over you can also ask them to keep the books in place.
  • Attend book fairs - Take your child along with you whenever there is a book fair/sale in your locality. Allow him/her to select a few books for himself. This way you will know what interests your child.


Singing lullabies and songs to your baby from birth; as they grow into toddlers by reading short stories and poems to them at bedtime will not only creating a bond between you and the baby but also an everlasting bond between the books and him/her. If you are running out of bedtime tales, all you have to do is run a quick search in the Internet, where you have many online sites that have short stories, poems and rhymes for your little ones. Here you're nurturing the love for books by encouraging the reading habit. This will also encourage creativity and quick learning skills in your little ones.

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