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Helene Goldnadel Suggests You to Teach Your Child to Enjoy Art

Art is a very important part of life, and it can help your child in the future, since it helps increase their creativity and their brain development. If children are exposed to art early, then they will be able to understand other subjects like math and science easier, since these are also applied in art. Learning about the arts also helps children understand the need for self-discipline, self-motivation, and confidence. The younger that a child is exposed to the arts, the faster that he or she will be able to understand it and learn about it.


Children who learn arts are usually better at school and problem solving, and are also better emotionally and socially because of art. Creative kids have also been observed to have less stress and less depression. They generally are better prepared for the future and will be able to handle problems and situations better. Art also provides a medium for children to express themselves and show their feelings. This will help them be more in touch with their feelings and the feelings of others.


Before a child will be able to like or learn the arts, it is important that he or she is exposed to examples of art early on. To expose your child to fine arts, you can bring him or her to a museum or to an art exhibit. Your city might also have murals on walls, which you can show your child as well since they are examples of modern art. You can start to draw or paint with your child, and remember never to criticize your child's work when they are still young. Be proud of your young artist and post their art on your fridge or wall. Sculpting with clay is also fun for children, and it is a good way to learn motor skills.


Exposing your child to music is made simpler nowadays with all of the technology created for music and the natural examples of music everywhere. You can let your child listen to different genres of music from classical to modern.  You can also go outside and listen to the beautiful music of nature, for example to rustling of leaves and the chirping of birds overhead. Let your child experiment with different instruments until he or she finds one that they would like to play. You can even enroll your child in music lessons for an instrument or to train their voice. Helene Goldnadel a life coach is of the view that learning to read music and understand tempo can help your child's mood, since music really can soothe and calm the soul as well as stimulate the mind.


Dance is also considered to be an art, and children love to play and dance on their own. Show your child the different kinds of dance and explain what makes them different. You can dance with your child around the house for fun, and enjoy it with your child. You can sign your child up for dancing lessons in a certain kind of dance if you want so that your child will be able to learn the basics of dance and expressing themselves with their body.

In all of this the parents can take the lead in getting their children involved in art and music. It is nice when school helps in this department, but frankly, programs are being cut all over the place. Also, waiting until your child is of school age is a bit late anyway. There is great merit in the child seeing their parents loving art and music enough to take the time to share it with their child.

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