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How Learning Toys Impact A Child's Development? Helene Goldnadel Explains

If you didn't realize the research that goes into learning toys and how they apply to a child's development, but if you think of the different things that playthings can teach a child, it starts to make more sense. When children experiment with different toys, it can teach them about real world experiences. All you have to think about is the fact they make iPhones and iPads for kids. When they get older, they will probably not be intimidated by the real thing!


There are different types of learning toys and understanding the impact they have on a child's development is an important thing to think about. Some to play with dolls and dollhouses, which can help them role-play and learn nurturing, as their dolls serve the role of their children, for example.


According to Helene Goldnadel when children play with stuffed toys or puppets, they can develop strong emotional bonds with these characters that parents might not understand. Through the role-playing and imaginative playtime, they learn creativity, emotional bonding and they can work through real-life issues that they might be afraid to talk about openly. Pretend play is part of a child's development and a child without imagination might be a boring child, when they grow up and will probably lack creativity. There are some parents that worry about their child's imaginary world and the characters in it, but it is a stage of development they eventually outgrow.


There are other types of learning toys that include pretending for children. Kitchen sets, doctor sets, grocery store cash registers and even costumes can encourage a child's imagination. Many children start planning their grown-up occupation at an early age, based on some of the playthings that surround them. You might be asking about learning toys that teach them academics, though.


There are plenty of those types of learning toys and you would be amazed by the electronic playthings that are on the market today. In fact, there are some of them that are miniature computers, capable of reading books to them aloud, teaching them math through interactive learning games and even learning systems that teach them art, photography or science. There is no limit to the educational toys that are fun and entertaining, yet have a dramatic impact on a child's development. As a parent, you need to consider the impact of purchasing the proper learning toys for your child's development.

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