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The Benefits of Learning Music for Kids by Helene Goldnadel

Learning music as a child is one of the most fulfilling and constructive pastimes you can pursue, and one that is likely to stick with you through the teenage years and into later life. The benefits of learning and playing music, as a soloist and in a band/ensemble are vast, and cross over into many different aspects of life, helping breed a confidence and social ability that's otherwise hard to come by. Aside from being 'cool' the educational benefits of learning to play music are extensive, and as such, private music tuition can be a fantastic investment in your child's development.


Learning a musical instrument teaches a child about discipline, and about the dedication and hard work that comes with progressing at any pastime. Learning to play guitar can help teach a child from a young age the rewards of hard work and effort, and can enable kids to spend their free time constructively, working towards a life-skill that will provide countless hours of enjoyment for your child over the rest of their life. In a way that your child can't appreciate now, learning the guitar carries social and educational benefits, along with helping personal development (particularly in shy children) in the softer skills that can really make the difference in later life.


Studies have also shown learning a musical instrument to provide children with improved spatial awareness, problem solving and understanding skills. Children learn to think for themselves, and learn how to rationalize and appreciate the different elements to playing guitar. In the process, they gain an insight into independence, and learn the importance of self-reflection and improvement, which will continue to serve them well into their adult lives.


Statistics point to an interesting interface between studying music and learning and studying music. Those that study music experience on average more band 1/A grade passes than the average student, highlighting a direct and causal link between learning to play music and achieving good grades in standard school and University exams. As such, it's important every child get's the opportunity to develop a musical personality, with a view to helping their personal development through their early years.


Learning to play music is not just about learning the notes and rhythms – it's about picking up on the skills that are essential for later life in a fun and constructive way, and helping improve understanding and problem solving in a way that might otherwise take your child years to develop. Simultaneously, learning to play guitar is great fun, as a learner and as a performer (and even as a teacher), and helps your child to make new friends and experience working as part of a team from an early age – advantages all round for the child showing an interest in learning to play the guitar.


Helene Goldnadel and her team offer music lessons to young aspirants. The children enjoy the ability to sing previously rehearsed material, and they also gain improvisation skills in actually both singing and acting. The children trained at Helene Goldnadel premiere institution, fare extremely powerfully in the film, and TV commercial industry.

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