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Tips by Helene Goldnadel to Raising a Moral Child

Morality is a code of conduct in which one decides right from wrong. Knowing how to raise a moral child, especially in today's world, isn't always easy. You may want to follow some of these tips to teach your child this important character trait.


Although morality is often defined in terms of religion, it is much more than a religious concept. Morals are also defined by society, philosophy, and conscience. They are the center of how people make ethical decisions. It must all begin at home however, and that of course is the essence of retro parenting.


So what can parents do to ensure their children learn morals? Here are some suggestions by Helene Goldnadel a life coach:


  • Be a good moral role model - It's often said that when children are involved more is caught than taught. This means they'll watch what you do, how you act and react to situations, and how moral you are to learn morality. By being a good role model, they're more likely to follow your positive examples rather than ones you may not be proud of.
  • You expect your children to be honest, so model honesty before them. You'll have a hard time convincing your child honesty is important if you tell someone you can't be somewhere because you're sick. This sends a mixed message to your children, and may make your child think honesty isn't as important as you say.
  • Respect others - Children may begin treating others the way they see you treat those in your life. If you're disrespectful your children may disrespectful.
  • Know your own morals and values - Think about the things and people that are important to you. Use those as the basis for how you make decisions and as the starting point to determine the things you do.
  • Do what you can to help your child develop a sense of their own worth, a strong sense of self. By having self-esteem, your child won't have to get the approval of their peers. Instead, they will be able to make rational choices based on their values and self-worth.
  • Help your child learn to think for themselves, which will allow them to make wise decisions rather than depending on the influence of others to make them. With the various external influences today - peers, television, movies, and songs - you want your children to know how to think on their own.


Children and teens that learn to make their own decisions and stand on their own two feet are more likely to do the right thing. They may also stand up for the underdog if they see someone being mistreated. Having strong moral principles will help your child make the right decisions.


Ultimately, as the parent, you have the most influence on your children's moral development. Help them establish good self-esteem, to think for themselves, and model morality before them. They'll see how important morality is to you and will follow in your footsteps. Remember your children listen with their eyes, so be careful what you say or do.

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