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Toddler Physical Development by Helene Goldnadel

Your child's physical development begun to slow down after the 12th month but their gross motor skills start to take off as your toddler learns everything under the sun such as running from one to another, jumping, singing or writing using a pen since toddler become explorer.


During the first twelve months, your child's body is still quite soft but as he becomes more active, the muscle will be build up. Arms and legs still short compared to head and trunk, but become more balance over the next several months. Between nine and twelve months, toddler takes their first shaky steps since their legs are lack of sturdy muscles. When their legs become more muscular, their walk will become more steady and firm and allows them to explore anything.


As your toddler grows each month, his gross motor skills will be improved. He will learn to crawl up and down the stairs, climbing on his crib or his high chair and throwing things. These new activities provide him with lots of fun and entertainment as he watches mommy pick up the thrown object or mommy run after him.


Holding a cup or a ball and be able to properly pick up a crayon and still hold it while coloring is another development of your toddler's gross motor skills. Crawling up the stairs will have evolved into walking up those stairs although a little help from you or the banister will still be necessary. Other developments are placing and removing objects into or out of containers, feeding self with spoon, throwing ball over hand, solving puzzle, dressing oneself. Between the age of two and three years old, toddler take an interest in being toilet training.


By letting your child exercise and feeding your child a healthy foods help him to develop physically. Also showing that you are excited to his new talents, in this way, he is encouraged to try even harder. In this case, it is true the saying "Practice makes Perfect."


Individuals may vary the physical development; some toddler started to walk as early as 11 months or at 15 months and still be developing normally. There are areas of physical development ranges from one year old to two year old to three years old for each particular skills. Your child needs a healthy body and muscle skills development which is essential for developmental successes.


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