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Understanding Music Theory and Its Benefits

The gist of music education is that everything will point towards an underlying principal in some way. Therefore, it is possible to apply teaching methods and styles if you want to get one to learn music.

When you talk of music education theory, the main idea is to get people to understand the basic elements of music and all related theories.


For you to say that you are making any progress in learning music, it should be evident that you are mastering the basic elements of music required. Without these, there is no learning that is taking place. You need to have an interest for music to learn.

The whole process is possible because of standardized principles of music. There is likelihood that what your music teacher will tell you is what the one across the globe will tell his student. This makes it a school of thought.


Helene Goldnadel believes the best way to get a learner to appreciate music is by getting him to have a strong grasp and understanding of the basics. You need to excel in the basics for you to master the theory of music. This is only possible if it is explained clearly.

Music also breaks into different functions that include composing, singing and playing instruments like pianos. If you do music education, you will learn how to blend these functions to your advantage.


There is more to music than what we hear. Music also has some outward and inward meanings that the listener has to dig through to grasp what the song is about. Audiation allows one to sniff out the direction of the piece of music and get a sense of how it was written. This is a crucial part of music theory.

Music however did not become a standardized idea just like that. A while back, people had to make do with listening by ear and rote. A good example is the Psalms. These had to be learned in this way.


So what is the benefit of understanding music theory? With what does it help us? Music theory helps us understand the characteristics of sound, melody and rhythm that helps beautify the music we produce or appreciate good work.

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